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Eid'23 Collection

Introducing our Eid'23 Collection - where elegance meets quality. Our range of abayas and dresses is designed to make you feel confident and beautiful on your special day. Crafted with high-quality fabrics and attention to detail, our collection offers a luxurious feel that is second to none.

With a diverse range of colors and unique designs, our collection is tailored to suit any skin tone and personal style. Whether you prefer subtle pastels or bold hues, our abayas feature delicate embroidery and intricate beading, while our dresses come in a variety of styles, from A-line to fitted.

At Eid, looking and feeling your best is important, which is why our collection is designed to be elegant and eye-catching. Elevate your Eid wardrobe with our exquisite collection

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Sold outGardenia AbayaGardenia Abaya
Gardenia Abaya Sale price£92.00
Luna Mist Abaya
Luna Mist Abaya Sale price£115.00
Frost Blooms AbayaFrost Blooms Abaya
Frost Blooms Abaya Sale price£120.00
Jasmine DressJasmine Dress
Jasmine Dress Sale price£139.99
Rose QuartzRose Quartz
Rose Quartz Sale price£129.99
Radiant Rosé Dress
Radiant Rosé Dress Sale price£99.99
Golden hour dressGolden hour dress
Golden hour dress Sale price£84.99
Pearl Sands Abaya
Pearl Sands Abaya Sale price£112.00
Amber Glow dressAmber Glow dress
Amber Glow dress Sale price£84.99
Ivory Blooms Abaya
Ivory Blooms Abaya Sale priceFrom £125.00
Sunset Glow Abaya
Sunset Glow Abaya Sale price£98.99
Sold outMint Mirage AbayaMint Mirage Abaya
Mint Mirage Abaya Sale price£92.00
Golden Sands AbayaGolden Sands Abaya
Golden Sands Abaya Sale price£110.00
Sold outTulipa DressTulipa Dress
Tulipa Dress Sale price£110.00
Emerald Sea DressEmerald Sea Dress
Emerald Sea Dress Sale price£99.99
Pistachio DressPistachio Dress
Pistachio Dress Sale price£79.99
Mocha Dress
Mocha Dress Sale price£84.99
Valencia AbayaValencia Abaya
Valencia Abaya Sale price£94.44
Dusty Rose DressDusty Rose Dress
Dusty Rose Dress Sale price£74.99
Gardenia Kids abayaGardenia Kids abaya
Gardenia Kids abaya Sale priceFrom £34.99
Miraan Kids abayaMiraan Kids abaya
Miraan Kids abaya Sale priceFrom £34.99
Sold outPearl Bliss Kids abayaPearl Bliss Kids abaya
Pearl Bliss Kids abaya Sale priceFrom £34.99
Sold outNude Charm Chiffon HijabNude Charm Chiffon Hijab
Nude Charm Chiffon Hijab Sale price£12.00
Sold outBare Elegance Chiffon HijabBare Elegance Chiffon Hijab
Bare Elegance Chiffon Hijab Sale price£12.00
Sold outNeutral Grace Chiffon hijabNeutral Grace Chiffon hijab
Neutral Grace Chiffon hijab Sale price£12.00
Caramel Haze Chiffon hijabCaramel Haze Chiffon hijab
Caramel Haze Chiffon hijab Sale price£12.00
Sold outWarm Rust Chiffon hijabWarm Rust Chiffon hijab
Warm Rust Chiffon hijab Sale price£12.00
Sold outSpice Breeze Chiffon HijabSpice Breeze Chiffon Hijab
Spice Breeze Chiffon Hijab Sale price£12.00
Sold outCoffee Bean Chiffon hijabCoffee Bean Chiffon hijab
Coffee Bean Chiffon hijab Sale price£12.00
Sold outEspresso Brown Chiffon HijabEspresso Brown Chiffon Hijab
White Whisper HijabWhite Whisper Hijab
White Whisper Hijab Sale price£12.00
Creamy Delight Chiffon HijabCreamy Delight Chiffon Hijab
Slate Grace Chiffon hijabSlate Grace Chiffon hijab
Slate Grace Chiffon hijab Sale price£12.00
Sold outDusty Rose Chiffon HijabDusty Rose Chiffon Hijab
Dusty Rose Chiffon Hijab Sale price£12.00
Sold outSpring Sage Chiffon HijabSpring Sage Chiffon Hijab
Spring Sage Chiffon Hijab Sale price£12.00
Misty Grey Chiffon HijabMisty Grey Chiffon Hijab
Misty Grey Chiffon Hijab Sale price£12.00
Coral Pink Chiffon HijabCoral Pink Chiffon Hijab
Coral Pink Chiffon Hijab Sale price£12.00
Sleek black Chiffon hijabSleek black Chiffon hijab
Sleek black Chiffon hijab Sale price£12.00