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Explore our collection of modest dresses, perfect for special events. Our carefully curated selection offers a wide range of trendy styles, featuring beautiful pastel shades made with amazing fabrics. From elegant evening wear to chic daytime dresses, our collection has everything you need to look and feel your best. Whether you prefer a classic A-line silhouette or a modern wrap dress, our selection of modest dresses has something for everyone. Shop now and discover your new go-to dress for any occasion.

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Golden hour Glass DressGolden hour Glass Dress
Golden hour Glass Dress Sale price£84.99
Mauve Harmony DressMauve Harmony Dress
Mauve Harmony Dress Sale price£99.99
Mosaic Gala DressMosaic Gala Dress
Mosaic Gala Dress Sale price£185.00
Sold outLavender Cascade DressLavender Cascade Dress
Lavender Cascade Dress Sale price£120.00
Tranquil Tides DressTranquil Tides Dress
Tranquil Tides Dress Sale price£104.00
Silver Mist DressSilver Mist Dress
Silver Mist Dress Sale price£130.00
Mocha Veil KaftanMocha Veil Kaftan
Mocha Veil Kaftan Sale price£125.00
Olive Drape KaftanOlive Drape Kaftan
Olive Drape Kaftan Sale price£120.00
Serene Sage DressSerene Sage Dress
Serene Sage Dress Sale price£110.00
Champagne Shimmer DressChampagne Shimmer Dress
Champagne Shimmer Dress Sale price£102.00
Midnight Mirage Skirt and blouseMidnight Mirage Skirt and blouse
Sage Starlight DressSage Starlight Dress
Sage Starlight Dress Sale price£185.00
Champagne Mist KaftanChampagne Mist Kaftan
Champagne Mist Kaftan Sale price£120.00
Sold outOlivia DressOlivia Dress
Olivia Dress Sale price£97.00
Sold outMarine Muse DressMarine Muse Dress
Marine Muse Dress Sale price£76.00
Sold outLunar Luxe DressLunar Luxe Dress
Lunar Luxe Dress Sale price£145.00
Sage Elegance DressSage Elegance Dress
Sage Elegance Dress Sale price£98.00
Teal Tulip DressTeal Tulip Dress
Teal Tulip Dress Sale price£97.00
Dune Kaftan DressDune Kaftan Dress
Dune Kaftan Dress Sale price£120.00
Dusk Blossom DressDusk Blossom Dress
Dusk Blossom Dress Sale price£105.00
Aqua Blossom DressAqua Blossom Dress
Aqua Blossom Dress Sale price£98.00
Save £15.00Glittering Sand dressGlittering Sand dress
Glittering Sand dress Sale price£69.99 Regular price£84.99
Ivory Grace DressIvory Grace Dress
Ivory Grace Dress Sale price£130.00
Save £20.99Liyana DressLiyana Dress
Liyana Dress Sale price£64.00 Regular price£84.99
Mist of Ocean dressMist of Ocean dress
Mist of Ocean dress Sale price£110.00
Roseate Silk Drapery DressRoseate Silk Drapery Dress
Roseate Silk Drapery Dress Sale price£99.99
Emerald Dark Sea DressEmerald Dark Sea Dress
Emerald Dark Sea Dress Sale price£99.99
Save £20.00Navy Mist DressNavy Mist Dress
Navy Mist Dress Sale price£64.99 Regular price£84.99
Sold outRuby Radiance DressRuby Radiance Dress
Ruby Radiance Dress Sale price£109.00
Save £17.91Sapphire Dress
Sapphire Dress Sale price£74.99 Regular price£92.90
Save £23.00Desert Rose DressDesert Rose Dress
Desert Rose Dress Sale price£69.99 Regular price£92.99
Save £16.99Regal Raspberry DressRegal Raspberry Dress
Regal Raspberry Dress Sale price£68.00 Regular price£84.99
Sold outSave £35.00Plum Whisper DressPlum Whisper Dress
Plum Whisper Dress Sale price£64.99 Regular price£99.99
Sold outSave £22.01Mystic Cloud DressMystic Cloud Dress
Mystic Cloud Dress Sale price£84.99 Regular price£107.00
Save £25.00Rustic Charm Sheath DressRustic Charm Sheath Dress
Rustic Charm Sheath Dress Sale price£74.99 Regular price£99.99
Sold outGarden Party Dress
Garden Party Dress Sale price£89.99
Sold outElysian Elegance Bridal KaftanElysian Elegance Bridal Kaftan
Sold outSummer Flow dress
Summer Flow dress Sale price£97.99
Lilly DressLilly Dress
Lilly Dress Sale price£110.00
Sold outSave £15.00Serene Haze DressSerene Haze Dress
Serene Haze Dress Sale price£49.99 Regular price£64.99
Save £22.99Ballet Rose DressBallet Rose Dress
Ballet Rose Dress Sale price£62.00 Regular price£84.99
Sold outFlamenco DressFlamenco Dress
Flamenco Dress Sale price£84.99
Sold outTangerine dressTangerine dress
Tangerine dress Sale price£79.99
Sold outLagoon dressLagoon dress
Lagoon dress Sale price£84.99
Sold outBlushing petal dressBlushing petal dress
Blushing petal dress Sale price£79.99
Sold outZaria Dress
Zaria Dress Sale price£115.00
Sold outSave £31.00Blue Orchid DressBlue Orchid Dress
Blue Orchid Dress Sale price£84.00 Regular price£115.00
Dusty Rose DressDusty Rose Dress
Dusty Rose Dress Sale price£74.99