We offer our customers reasonable shipping charges. Depending on the country to which your order is being shipped to, you may choose standard or express delivery.

General shipping cost:

Standard Express Free shipping (express)
Europe 6 EUR 12 EUR Orders over 140 EUR
International 10 GBP 20 GBP Orders over 175 GBP


Country specific shipping cost:

Standard Express Free shipping (express)
Australia 15 AUD 25 AUD Ordes over 300 AUD
Canada 13 CAD 25 CAD Orders over 280 CAD
Denmark 50 DKK 125 DKK Orders over 1500 DKK
Norway 75 NOK 150 NOK Orders over 2000 NOK
South Africa 200 ZAR 350 ZAR Orders over 3000 ZAR
Sweden 75 SEK 120 SEK Orders over 2000 SEK
United Arab Emirates 50 AED 100 AED Orders over 800 AED
United States 6 USD 25 USD Orders over 280 USD

Delivery time

We use DHL for our express delivery. Packages sent on express have a delivery time of 1-2 working days for European countries and 2-3 working for all other destination.

For standard shipping, couriers are used based on availability. Delivery time is estimated to 3-7 working days for European countries and 5-14 working days for all other destination.

Exact delivery time will be available at checkout


Additional info

If you have any issues tracking your order, you can contact us using the contact form or send an e-mail to support@podur.co.uk.