We offer our customers reasonable shipping charges. Depending on the country to which your order is being shipped to, you may choose standard or express delivery.

General shipping cost:

Standard Express Free express shipping
United Kingdom 3 GBP N/A Orders over 120 GBP
Europe FREE* 10 EUR Orders over 140 EUR
International FREE* 12 GBP Orders over 120 GBP


Country specific shipping cost:

Standard Express Free shipping (express)
Australia FREE* 12 AUD Orders over 120 AUD
Canada FREE* 15 CAD Orders over 200 CAD
Denmark FREE* 40 DKK Orders over 1000 DKK
Norway FREE* 150 NOK Orders over 2000 NOK
South Africa N/A 150 ZAR Orders over 500 ZAR
Sweden FREE* 120 SEK Orders over 1500 SEK
United Arab Emirates FREE* 70 AED Orders over 650 AED
United States FREE* 15 USD Orders over 175 USD

* Free standard shipping applies for order over 25 GBP/30 EUR.

Delivery time

To ensure that our customers can stay updated on where their parcel is, all our shipping options allow you to track your parcel.

Packages sent on express have a delivery time of 1-2 working days for European countries and 2-3 working for all other destination.

Packages sent on standard shipping have a delivery time of 3-5 working days for UK, 3-7 working days for European countries and 5-14 working days for all other destination


Additional info

If you have any issues tracking your order, you can contact us using the contact form or send an e-mail to support@podur.co.uk.