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Our Story


F O U N D E R  &   D E S I G N E R 

Amna Hameed, the founder of Podur has always been intrigued with fabrics and fashion having an innate understanding of structures, silhouettes and attention to detail. Having studied and graduated with a BA Interior Architecture and Design, Amna has acquired knowledge of design both through her profession and fashion, as both fashion and design compliment each other, working hand in hand to frame one another

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D E S I G N 

Our clothing are inspired by the essence of timeless sophistication and refinement, illustrating the epitome of contemporary infused with tradition. Our signature aesthetic balances demiurgic with simplicity, paying attention to delicate detail, premium fabrics and empowering embroidery.


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Exclusive tailoring, not only do we believe that our art is worth preserving but we are dedicated to invigorating it. Working with the finest craftsmen, we deliver the very best in sartorial elegance. A collection of modest tailoring that celebrates femininity and self-expression, our signature moral.

C O M P A N Y  E T H I C S

We have set it as our mission to help others throughout our value chain. To set this in motion, we have chosen to place our production facility in a village in Sri Lanka. Countless women in Sri Lanka grow up with talent behind closed doors, which they are unable to utilize due to the conservative society that they grow up in. Our facility in Sri Lanka consists of 14 employees who are mostly young women from the local village who are extremely skilled in tailoring and craftsmenship but without the opportunity to showcase their talents. We have ensured our facility meets our team members’ comfort to work by implementing company morals which respect their cultural values and family lives. Podur has proudly employed these talented young women with professional training in tailoring and pattern making, in return gaining a sense of nurturing and developing.


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