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Eid-Ul-Adha'24 Collection

Celebrate Eid Ul Adha '24 with our exclusive collection of modest dresses and abayas, designed with elegance and cultural heritage in mind. This carefully curated line features a diverse palette of colours and designs, offering minimalistic styles for those who appreciate understated beauty, and glamorous options for festive occasions. Our pieces range from soft pastels to deep, rich hues, each crafted with luxurious fabrics that promise comfort and style.

Adding to the uniqueness, selected designs come with matching kids' abayas, making this collection perfect for family celebrations. The inclusion of child-sized replicas not only allows for adorable mini-me moments but also embraces the festive spirit with style continuity.

Due to the exclusive nature of our Eid collection, restock rates are low, ensuring that each garment remains unique to its owner. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Eid with our limited edition pieces, each echoing the spirit of the celebration in every thread and pattern.

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Meadow Grace AbayaMeadow Grace Abaya
Meadow Grace Abaya Sale price£110.00
Petal Satin AbayaPetal Satin Abaya
Petal Satin Abaya Sale price£115.00
Sold outLavender Cascade DressLavender Cascade Dress
Lavender Cascade Dress Sale price£120.00
Tranquil Tides DressTranquil Tides Dress
Tranquil Tides Dress Sale price£104.00
Lumina Grace AbayaLumina Grace Abaya
Lumina Grace Abaya Sale price£110.00
Champagne Mist KaftanChampagne Mist Kaftan
Champagne Mist Kaftan Sale price£120.00
Silver Mist DressSilver Mist Dress
Silver Mist Dress Sale price£130.00
Golden hour Glass DressGolden hour Glass Dress
Golden hour Glass Dress Sale price£84.99
Mauve Harmony DressMauve Harmony Dress
Mauve Harmony Dress Sale price£99.99
Mosaic Gala DressMosaic Gala Dress
Mosaic Gala Dress Sale price£185.00
Mocha Veil KaftanMocha Veil Kaftan
Mocha Veil Kaftan Sale price£125.00
Zarah AbayaZarah Abaya
Zarah Abaya Sale price£104.00
Olive Drape KaftanOlive Drape Kaftan
Olive Drape Kaftan Sale price£120.00
Serene Sage DressSerene Sage Dress
Serene Sage Dress Sale price£110.00
Champagne Shimmer DressChampagne Shimmer Dress
Champagne Shimmer Dress Sale price£102.00
Midnight Mirage Skirt and blouseMidnight Mirage Skirt and blouse
Sage Starlight DressSage Starlight Dress
Sage Starlight Dress Sale price£185.00
Rosewood AbayaRosewood Abaya
Rosewood Abaya Sale price£110.00
Floral Tie AbayaFloral Tie Abaya
Floral Tie Abaya Sale price£110.00
Olive Tie AbayaOlive Tie Abaya
Olive Tie Abaya Sale price£110.00
Blushing Harmony AbayaBlushing Harmony Abaya
Blushing Harmony Abaya Sale price£110.00
Daisy Kids AbayaDaisy Kids Abaya
Daisy Kids Abaya Sale priceFrom £34.00
Rose Glow Kids AbayaRose Glow Kids Abaya
Rose Glow Kids Abaya Sale priceFrom £31.00
Royal Plum Kids AbayaRoyal Plum Kids Abaya
Royal Plum Kids Abaya Sale priceFrom £31.00
Minted Jewel Kids AbayaMinted Jewel Kids Abaya
Minted Jewel Kids Abaya Sale priceFrom £35.00
Coral Princess AbayaCoral Princess Abaya
Coral Princess Abaya Sale priceFrom £31.00
Cinnamon Breeze Kids KaftanCinnamon Breeze Kids Kaftan
Cinnamon Breeze Kids Kaftan Sale priceFrom £34.00
Selena Kids KaftanSelena Kids Kaftan
Selena Kids Kaftan Sale priceFrom £31.00
Soft Petal Kids AbayaSoft Petal Kids Abaya
Soft Petal Kids Abaya Sale priceFrom £31.00
Olive Kids KaftanOlive Kids Kaftan
Olive Kids Kaftan Sale priceFrom £32.00
Glittering Sand Kids AbayaGlittering Sand Kids Abaya
Glittering Sand Kids Abaya Sale priceFrom £31.00