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Eid'24 Collection

The Eid'24 Collection from PODUR is a testament to elegance, offering limited-quantity designs to ensure each piece is special and unique. Focused on reducing material waste, this collection not only brings sophistication to your Eid celebrations with its refined Abayas and Dresses but also emphasizes the importance of conscious consumption. Restocks will be rare, making each design a cherished, one-of-a-kind addition to your wardrobe.This collection showcases a variety of Abayas, Dresses, and Kids Abayas, each piece reflecting a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary fashion.

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Lunar Luxe DressLunar Luxe Dress
Lunar Luxe Dress Sale price£145.00
Ivory Breeze AbayaIvory Breeze Abaya
Ivory Breeze Abaya Sale price£135.00
Ivory Grace DressIvory Grace Dress
Ivory Grace Dress Sale price£130.00
Yasmin AbayaYasmin Abaya
Yasmin Abaya Sale price£125.00
Sold outMoonlight Grace AbayaMoonlight Grace Abaya
Moonlight Grace Abaya Sale price£125.00
Dune Kaftan DressDune Kaftan Dress
Dune Kaftan Dress Sale price£120.00
Desert Rose AbayaDesert Rose Abaya
Desert Rose Abaya Sale price£120.00
Teal Tranquility AbayaTeal Tranquility Abaya
Teal Tranquility Abaya Sale price£115.00
Mist of Ocean dressMist of Ocean dress
Mist of Ocean dress Sale price£110.00
Sold outTwilight Charm AbayaTwilight Charm Abaya
Twilight Charm Abaya Sale price£110.00
Iris Infusion AbayaIris Infusion Abaya
Iris Infusion Abaya Sale price£105.00
Dusk Blossom DressDusk Blossom Dress
Dusk Blossom Dress Sale price£105.00
Roseate Silk Drapery DressRoseate Silk Drapery Dress
Roseate Silk Drapery Dress Sale price£99.99
Breeze of Bliss AbayaBreeze of Bliss Abaya
Breeze of Bliss Abaya Sale price£99.99
Sage Elegance DressSage Elegance Dress
Sage Elegance Dress Sale price£98.00
Aqua Blossom DressAqua Blossom Dress
Aqua Blossom Dress Sale price£98.00
Sea Breeze AbayaSea Breeze Abaya
Sea Breeze Abaya Sale price£97.00
Olivia DressOlivia Dress
Olivia Dress Sale price£97.00
Teal Tulip DressTeal Tulip Dress
Teal Tulip Dress Sale price£97.00
Liyana DressLiyana Dress
Liyana Dress Sale price£84.99
Marine Muse DressMarine Muse Dress
Marine Muse Dress Sale price£76.00
Save £15.00Glittering Sand dressGlittering Sand dress
Glittering Sand dress Sale price£69.99 Regular price£84.99
Cinnamon Blooms Kids AbayaCinnamon Blooms Kids Abaya
Cinnamon Blooms Kids Abaya Sale priceFrom £37.99
Sold outBlossom Breeze AbayaBlossom Breeze Abaya
Blossom Breeze Abaya Sale priceFrom £37.99
Sold outBlushing Leyla AbayaBlushing Leyla Abaya
Blushing Leyla Abaya Sale priceFrom £34.99
Sold outGolden Grace Kids AbayaGolden Grace Kids Abaya
Golden Grace Kids Abaya Sale priceFrom £34.00
Minty Mist Kids AbayaMinty Mist Kids Abaya
Minty Mist Kids Abaya Sale priceFrom £31.00
Sold outPearl essence Kids AbayaPearl essence Kids Abaya
Pearl essence Kids Abaya Sale priceFrom £31.00
Sun-kissed Charm AbayaSun-kissed Charm Abaya
Sun-kissed Charm Abaya Sale priceFrom £25.00
Chocolate Hijab- colour 158Chocolate Hijab- colour 158
Luna Hijab- colour 55Luna Hijab- colour 55
Luna Hijab- colour 55 Sale price£9.99
Deep Navy Blue HijabDeep Navy Blue Hijab
Deep Navy Blue Hijab Sale price£9.99
Lagoon teal HijabLagoon teal Hijab
Lagoon teal Hijab Sale price£9.99
inky black Hijabinky black Hijab
inky black Hijab Sale price£9.99
Soft khaki Hijab- colour 179Soft khaki Hijab- colour 179
Spiced burgundy Hijab- colour 115Spiced burgundy Hijab- colour 115
Pearlescent ivory Hijab- colour 111Pearlescent ivory Hijab- colour 111
Misty Sage Hijab- colour 109Misty Sage Hijab- colour 109
Forest Emerald Hijab- colour 102Forest Emerald Hijab- colour 102
Honeyed Beige Hijab- colour 99Honeyed Beige Hijab- colour 99
Soft Clay Hijab- colour 98Soft Clay Hijab- colour 98
Creamy Sand Hijab- colour 56Creamy Sand Hijab- colour 56
White MistWhite Mist
White Mist Sale price£9.99
Misty Moss hijab- colour 28Misty Moss hijab- colour 28
refined espresso hijab-Colour 24refined espresso hijab-Colour 24
warm blush hijab -colour 9warm blush hijab -colour 9