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Celebrate your femininity from our wide range of modest, casual, party and special occasion pieces

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Sold outNuda Qani SandalsNuda Qani Sandals
Nuda Qani Sandals Sale price£34.99
Sold outAna SandalsAna Sandals
Ana Sandals Sale price£32.00
Sold outSiara Mini HeelSiara Mini Heel
Siara Mini Heel Sale price£38.99
Sold outTirana Abaya
Tirana Abaya Sale price£78.00
Lisa Dress
Lisa Dress Sale price£75.99
Coco DressCoco Dress
Coco Dress Sale price£78.99
Nita Dress
Nita Dress Sale price£74.99
Sold outSelena Dress
Selena Dress Sale price£49.99
Sold outViana Abaya
Viana Abaya Sale price£110.00
Sold outNiara Abaya
Niara Abaya Sale price£92.00
Sold outBlossoms AbayaBlossoms Abaya
Blossoms Abaya Sale price£82.99
Feez AbayaFeez Abaya
Feez Abaya Sale price£110.00
Mist Blossoms Abaya
Mist Blossoms Abaya Sale price£84.99
Sold outIra DressIra Dress
Ira Dress Sale price£72.99
Shiron Dress
Shiron Dress Sale price£74.99
Riya Dress
Riya Dress Sale price£65.00
Sold outRiana Dress
Riana Dress Sale price£69.99
Sold outSanvi Abaya
Sanvi Abaya Sale price£93.99
Sold outMiraan Abaya
Miraan Abaya Sale price£74.99
Ivory Blooms Abaya
Ivory Blooms Abaya Sale priceFrom £125.00
Ice Blooms Abaya
Ice Blooms Abaya Sale priceFrom £120.00
Sold outGarden AbayaGarden Abaya
Garden Abaya Sale price£94.99
Freya AbayaFreya Abaya
Freya Abaya Sale price£78.99
Sold outAnvi AbayaAnvi Abaya
Anvi Abaya Sale price£86.99
Neith Dress
Neith Dress Sale price£65.99
Sold outTiye dress
Tiye dress Sale price£87.99
Rana Abaya
Rana Abaya Sale price£98.99
Sold outLotus Abaya
Lotus Abaya Sale price£71.99
Reez Abaya
Reez Abaya Sale price£104.00
Sold outTia Abaya
Tia Abaya Sale price£89.99
Sold outDust Shimmer dressDust Shimmer dress
Dust Shimmer dress Sale price£76.99
Sold outAin DressAin Dress
Ain Dress Sale price£110.00
Sold outBlanc SandalsBlanc Sandals
Blanc Sandals Sale price£32.00
Blue bell SandalsBlue bell Sandals
Blue bell Sandals Sale price£32.00
Sia DressSia Dress
Sia Dress Sale price£87.99
Tacita Dress
Tacita Dress Sale price£87.99
Sold outFecelia AbayaFecelia Abaya
Fecelia Abaya Sale price£92.99
Sold outDulce AbayaDulce Abaya
Dulce Abaya Sale price£71.00
Sold outVira SandalsVira Sandals
Vira Sandals Sale price£29.99
Sold outSira SandalsSira Sandals
Sira Sandals Sale price£29.99
Sold outRosewood SandalsRosewood Sandals
Rosewood Sandals Sale price£34.99
Sold outRia SandalsRia Sandals
Ria Sandals Sale price£32.00
Noir SandalNoir Sandal
Noir Sandal Sale price£29.99
Sold outPastel Blooms LuxPastel Blooms Lux
Pastel Blooms Lux Sale price£110.00
Sold outCarnation DressCarnation Dress
Carnation Dress Sale price£68.99
Sold outUmber dressUmber dress
Umber dress Sale price£68.99
Sold outLuna DressLuna Dress
Luna Dress Sale price£79.99
Sheer Mustard DressSheer Mustard Dress
Sheer Mustard Dress Sale price£67.00