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M Y  J O U R N E Y  W I T H   P O D U R 



So let’s start with a little introduction about my self. I am 22 years old, I have always been intrigued with fabrics and fashion having an innate understanding of structures, silhouettes and attention to detail. Having studied and graduated with a BA Interior Architecture and Design, I have acquired knowledge of design both through my degree and fashion. As both fashion and design complement each other, working hand in hand to frame one another.

 The idea of starting an Abaya line developed when I was in my first year of university, My family and I travel to Dubai every year to do our Abaya shopping, and every time we wore it, we would get complimented on the design, One thing that I observed while getting the positive comments were all those people who commented are people who actually visit Dubai and purchase Abaya’s themselves, that’s where I noticed that the difference between the Abaya’s I purchased and the ones they did is the fact that they struggled to imagine how the Design will look on them before purchasing the item. Most of the Abayas I purchased was not displayed in the most attractive manner, I just imagined the design on how it would actually look like once it is worn and styled out in a certain manner. So at the end, it all came down to the selection and taste, and with all the positive feedback I was quite confident that my selection would sell.

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Brogan April 28, 2019

Salaam! :)

Masha Allah your Abaya designs are stunning! I’m just a student but if I could afford it I would want to buy all of them!

I had to pay for a zip on a pair of my jeans to be repaired and it cost so much here in the UK! Do you find it very expensive to make the Abayas or do you make them yourself or pay for them to be made abroad? And where do you find inspiration for your beautiful designs?

You’re so talented, I hope Insha Allah your business flourishes and you become very successful!

Best wishes,

Freya November 27, 2017

Looking forward to read your next blog :)

Izma Patel July 19, 2017

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